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Heyo! I'm curious to hear from other people on this subject.


I'd wager I'm about 90% complete with my first playthrough, at level 39, and I'm currently wading my way through the House of Sorrows questline in Klurikon, on the normal difficulty. Now, I'm well aware of the predisposition that Blacksmithing gives for one to use crafted items instead of acquired gear; the potential statistics a Master Blacksmith can impart to individual gear pieces blows away any and all items I acquire, set-piece gear with set bonuses and unique items included. However, I'm noticing a sharp disparity in equipment leveling. For the first 10-15 levels of the game, the gear was fairly in-line level-wise with my character. However, ever since I passed that level marker, I find myself increasingly out-leveling the gear that I acquire. This isn't to say that it makes for more difficult fighting; on the contrary, I find most combat a breeze on a regular difficulty playthrough. However, it does seem odd to me that, at level 39, the Unique and Set-piece items that I acquire have a level requirement of between 18-22. As I still have 10-15% of the game left (theorizing based off of the map's area partitions), I'm not familiar with what the end-game for this looks like. Has anyone acquired gear that matches the maximum character levels (between 35-40), or does no such gear exist? Or is there a replay factor; with the idea of starting a new game with the same character file etc. but on an increased difficulty and leveling curve?

Much thanks in advance, and sorry for the run-on paragraph. Cheers!

KlaelDemon 04:32, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

Finished the main storyline last night at level 40. I was finding some good unique items in various rock piles and treasure chests, but still nothing that beat the armor and weapons I created. As for the ability level requirements, the maximum ability requirement on armor for any tree (Might, Finesse, or Sorcery) was 39. I don't think I saw a 40. It's probably to allow a "jack of all trades" build to have access to high-level armor for any style of play.

As for the weapons...the ones I created had a level requirement of 18. Seems silly for weapons to top out at around half of the available levels. Maybe some Prismere components with nothing but "flawless" support components will result in higher level requirements.

Must've missed a lot of side quests, because my game file has around 110 hours and I'm done with the main storyline (and I take my time exploring). Where's the 200+ hours?

^^^^ Unsure of the above poster, he didn't link the edit ^^^^

OP responding. I ended up getting the same result as well when I finished. I hit level 40, and had around 7 hours left of play and gear-acquisition before completing the main quest. The highest ability requirement I encountered in any gear pieces were in the end sets I acquired, such as Eagonn's set and the set dropping off of the House of Vengeance's Cur. These sets still only required 39 ability points (in Might for these examples), whereas I believe the end-game Prismere gear I crafted from Flawless components and Pristine quality Gems had an ability requirement of either 44 or 48. Still, this falls well short of the level and ability caps, even for hybrid classes. There are sets created specifically for the Jack of All Trades/Universalist; these sets have no ability requirements, and a hybridization of bonuses/set bonuses. It would make sense to me to have sets that delve heavily into a given ability tree. For example, my character was a Warlord, e.g. pure Might. That means I'm restricted to Might-only gear; it doesn't matter if the Finesse or Sorcery ability requirement is only 10, I still cannot use it. I was stuck in crafted gear until the VERY (last hour) end of the main quest; the crafted gear's benefits far outweighed any Sets or Uniques by a huge margin. And now, having completed the main quest, there's nothing for my character to do, and no gear to acquire. I've completed every side quest I encountered (206 total quests completed), as well as most of the repeatable quests; thus, there are no reliable ways to acquire new, high-quality gear. Is the end-game for my character supposed to consist of me trolling around the Faelands? I created a new character, which is fun to engage in a new playstyle on Hard difficulty, but I'd like to do something with my main character other than let his save file collect dust. Cheers!

KlaelDemon 04:31, February 20, 2012 (UTC)

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