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What's the best ability build for someone who likes to wade into hordes of enemies and hack and slash them up? 15:42, February 15, 2012 (UTC)VTFuzzle

I'd say mostly might, specifically for Skillful defense, hardy constitution, relentless assault, vengeance, bloodlust, bullwark, battle frenzy, and stoneskin. I'd go with sorcery for sphere of protection, and sphere of reprisal, (healing surge can't hurt). Champion destiny. For epic gems, either the one that boosts all abilities, or the one that offers 60% chance to stun attackers. If you go with the ability gem, either enjoy the bonuses or respec to add some finesse abilities (the mastery abilities max out at 3). Blade honing is nice with the +30% crit damage.

I used mostly finesse ability because of the fae blade mastery. Fae blades are cool to me because of the circular attacks and you get to knock opponents backwards when they come running in from behind. Poison helps alot too when you run up on ettins and trolls that are immune to most elemental attacks and blade honing adds bleeding to all attacks when you use all blades. I'm not a fan of the ice traps, they don't seem to help alot to me. Akyle.bryan

Feb. 22, 2012

Also, see the Character Builder page.Edit

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