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Does anyone know where all backpacks are at? I know of the one in gorhart and there is another i found(can't remember where) so my max carrying load is 90.

~ There is a backpack for sale in Ysa.

Illen Dodran in Melsenshire sells them, as well as the guy in camp moon down (I think). - Reticul

See the page Backpack for all of them, you can get to a total of 120 space. Turkeysocks 04:46, February 21, 2012 (UTC)

I'm @ lvl 37. I learned of a glitch to get more than 120 spaces. Regarding Illen Dodran (Mel Senshire), when you purchase the backpack there, go into stealth mode and then into aggressive and kill him. Try to escape, if not just pay the fine. Fast-travel to any of your stash home; go to sleep for 4-5 in-game days and then go back to him. Now you can purchase another backpack. Do this as many times as you want or have the money. No more worries about bag space.

There's one in Gorhart, one in Ysa, one in Detyre, one in Rathir, one in Kluricon, and one in Idylla from the Teeth of Naros DLC. I can't remember if The Legend of Dead Kel has one or not.

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