Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Male
Faction Former member of the House of Valor
Rank Sub Leader
Services Quest Giver

Florion is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Florion is a former member of the House of Valor. When Hroth Magnus defeated the Summer Fae Champion of Valor, Engard, and the house passed on to him, he expelled all of the former Fae members.

Since then, Florion and the other former members of Valor have been living in the wilds of Alserund.

In recent times, the Summer Fae living in Alserund have fallen under a mysterious sickness that turns them practically feral that he and the rest of his brethren have come to call Narca.

The Fateless One confronts Florion over his abduction of the human Alard Aedic. Florion takes an interest in him/her, commenting how he/she has a Fae like quality.

In hopes for not only curing Alard but also those of his people who have fallen under the Narca sickness, sends him/her on a quest chain that will eventually stop the spread of the Narca sickness and cure many of the Summer Fae who have fallen under its affects.


Initially encountered at the Circle of Engard. After the quest chain to cure the Narca sickness is finished, he will be found walking around and facing off against the few Summer Fae who could not be cured of the Narca sickness.




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