Florian Brennac
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Male
Location Reedsong Inn
Class Warrior
Faction Alfar Military (formerly)

Florian Brennac is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Ah, the war... I miss the war. But it's gone on and left me behind, thank the gods.


Florian Brennac is a former member of an Alfar Military corps defending Mel Senshir from the Tuatha. He left the army after his tour was up and moved to Tirin's Rest to live a peaceful life.

He doesn't seem to fit in well with the people in the town, as he is a heavy drinker and spends more time drinking and messing around than the other residents. He doesn't approve of the way the other townsfolk of Tirin's Rest abandon their neighbors and other refugees (Priestess Corelon has told them to do this, based on her belief that only those left unharmed in Tirin's Rest have earned Lyria's blessing and favor. She claims doing so keeps them safe).

In secret, Florian has been assisting the refugees in the area the only way he can: stealing the money that is being collected in the sanctuary for the troops fighting in Klurikon, and leaving it for the refugees to find.

The Fateless One can either choose to ignore his actions, and allow him to continue to donate the money, or turn him in for his crime.


He's usually at the Reedsong Inn, within Tirin's Rest.



Here's a valiant adventurer, come to sleepy Tirin's Rest. The war chew you up and pit you out, too? If not, it will. Then you'll find yourself in some damn tavern, rotting behind a mug of ale.
upon your first encounter with him.
Just a sorry old remnant of the war. Not sorrier than those damn refugees, the poor sots.
when asked about himself.
Best not to talk of them in this village. Lyria doesn't love them, or so I've heard. And she's not the only one.
when asked about the Refugees.
It's a fine hill, if you like to sit and rot in your old age. That, or praise Lyria's toes morn, noon, and night.
when asked about Tirin's Rest.
The war. Ha! The war's a grizzlier beast than these poor fools have dreamt of.
when asked about The War.
What you're looking at is a proud veteran of the war. Means they'll let me sit in the inn and be drunk by noon, if I want to.
That scholar goes on and on about old Orieator. I fought for the dog, and he's not worth the fuss. Not worth a bloody coin.
Ereen's her name. Came here going on about old Orieator. Heard I'd fought and seemed set to talk my ears off. So I asked her for a kiss. Turned red as a setting sun and went right back to her books!
when asked about the Scholar.
The old dog died face down in Tywili mud. Whatever he was in life, I say that earned his right to be remembered a hero.
when asked about General Orieator.
Don't you believe the lies of this town. It's all dross and dung.
Goodbye then.

Once you catch him stealing from the box within Tirin's Sanctuary:

What are you doing here? I'm just here for a midnight... prayer. What's the use? You've caught me. Yes, I was stealing from the till. It's not as if those doomed sods off in Klurikon need this gold. Not half as much as where I'm putting it.
Not into drink, if that's what you're thinking. I - there are some wretches off in Forsaken Plain. They don't know it's me. Nobody does. But I leave gold for them when I can, down by Snowmelt. Bloody least I can do...
when asked: And where are you putting it?
No? Well, it's good to see someone who's got a heart, for a change. If I was stealing for drink - they might give me a scolding. But if they knew it was for Forsaken Plain refuges? They'd toss me in jail. There's Tirin's Rest for you.
if chosen the response: I won't tell anyone.
Hush, now. No sense in talking of that poor lot here. Ain't that right, friend?
when asked about the Refugees.



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