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Founded By Eamonn
Current Leader Tine Delfric
Notable Members
  • Grian Shane
  • Oda Celfred
  • Sverri Kura
  • Eamonn
  • Eagonn
  • Caerwyn
  • Teodar
  • Ballegar
  • Shepard
  • Locations
  • Shieldring Keep
  • Helmgard Keep
  • Ironfast Keep
  • Warsworn is a faction in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

    “A mercenary sells a sword without honor. The Warsworn sells honor, armed for battle.”


    The Warsworn is an organization dedicated to war. It was originally known as the Firstsworn and founded by Eamonn to fight the threat of the Niskaru. Once their original goal was completed, the organization broke down sometime afterwards and reformed into what would become the current model of the Warsworn.

    Since the time of Ballegar, the Warsworn has lost much of the ancient knowledge and many artifacts it had acquired while fighting the war against the Niskaru. The now an organization of mercenaries who are well known across The Faelands as being some of the strongest and toughest warriors.

    They are currently lead by the Ancient of War Tine Delfric, a seasoned and well respected member. The Warsworn fight for the highest bidder, but they do so with a sense of honor and integrity that other mercenary groups in the world of Amalur appear to lack. Their credo: “A mercenary sells a sword without honor. The Warsworn sells honor, armed for battle.”

    Currently the Warsworn are fighting with the Alfar Military against the Tuatha Deohn while getting paid to do it. Though they suffer from a high casualty rates, many Warsworn dream of going to the fronts at Mel Senshir and eagerly volunteer to be sent over. Tine Delfric himself mentions this fact and worries about the future of the organization while the war continues, as their forces are stretched thin between their three keeps, employers seeking well seasoned soldiers, and their force in Mel Senshir.


    They have three keeps that they operate:

    Mel Senshir has a contingent of Warsworn under Amaldor Sverri Kura who works for the Alfar Military.




    Although Sverri Kura is an Oathblade, he was chosen to lead the Warsworn forces in Klurikon by Tine Delfric, so he has power equal to that of a Castellan and is treated like one by fellow Warsworn.


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