Ferria Stalt
Basic Info
Race Human
Gender Female
Services Merchant

Ferria Stalt is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Half of the poor folks in this place can't wipe their own behinds after a day of work. My swill's the only thing that keeps them smiling half the time.


Ferria Stalt is the tavern keeper in the Hospitalis Quarters in Adessa.


As a general Merchant, Ferria Stalt sells weaponry, armor, accessories, and the following misc items:



She can be found in the Hospitalis Quarters in Adessa.



While the in-game text for her dialogue has her saying "behinds" in the quote above, she actually says "asses".


Well now, the Market's hiked their prices up again... guess I'll have to start trimming the stew some more.
Well, it'd be a coin if you're looking for a mug of ale, but a rat ran off with the damn cork and now the keg's spilled all over.
upon first entering conversation with Ferria
Nice to have a peaceful place in this desert. Got bandits raising hell in Apotyre, Jottun in Menetyre... and just great stretches of nothing in the Hollowlands.
upon asking about Adessa
The rat's den of Adessa, if ever there were one. Few joys we outsiders can afford, so I keep the swill cheap as I can.
when asked about the Hospitalis Quarters


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