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Fellfire Bloom
Quest Giver Florion
Location Circle of Engard
Prerequisite Kidnapped
Next Quest The Crossing
Reward Gold
Type Side Quest

Fellfire Bloom is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • Talk to Florion after completing Kidnapped. He will tell you that he wants to repeat the cure for all the Fae, but needs the fellfire bloom found in Fellfire Pit.
  • Travel through the pit until you get to the Niskaru Tyrant. Defeat it and harvest the bloom.
  • Exit and travel back to the Circle of Engard. Talk to Florion to complete the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based).  Talk to him again to begin the next quest The Crossing.


Some notable loot found includes:

  • A chest behind a hidden wall with random loot, in the room with the Niskaru.
  • Random loot from the Niskaru has a percentage chance of including any ONE of the following: The Bow "Hailstorm", the Chestplate or Boots in the Wanderer Set, or the Gauntlets in the Martyr set, a Robust Curiass, or the Faeblades "The Salamander's Tail" to name a few. Also, possibly along with some very basic loot such as gold, a potion, a lesser weapon or armor piece, a Sagecrafting shard, or some Alchemy reagents.


  • Enemies include varying levels of Kobolds, the Niskaru Tyrant, who serves as the boss of the cave, and, some sprites.
  • There are a number of chests and hidden loot along the way apart from the aforementioned hidden door, not to mention an Altar to Belen.

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