Fate Potion is a potion in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Fate Potion
Fate potion
Basic Info
Rank Master
Effect Fate meter instantly filled

Description Edit

This unusual concoction will harness the energies of Fate in your vicinity. Instantly granting you enough power to enter Reckoning.

Effects Edit

When consumed the Fate Potion instantly refills the Fateless One's fate meter.


The following reagents are needed to make this potion:

This recipe is given to the Fateless One by King Titarion as a reward for completing the quest The Coming Storm.

This recipe can also be acquired by maxing out the Alchemy skill.


The Fate Potion is not sold by any vendors.

Acquisition Edit

The Fate Potion can only be acquired by crafting it at an alchemy workbench with the alchemy skill.