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Faeblades are curved slashing blades used by Fae to inflict mortal wounds. They are similar to Daggers, primarily relying on high critical hit rates and multipliers, but offer higher base weapon damage at a slightly lower speed.

However, Faeblades are notably weaker for stealth-kills than daggers are. The critical bonus they receive from stealth is far smaller, making one-hit kills far less common (and they notably lack the assassination animation of daggers). Furthermore, attacking with a Faeblade from stealth will cause the Fateless One to return to a non-stealth mode, making chain assassinations more difficult - chain assassinations are still possible at higher stealth levels by pressing the stealth button immediately after assassinating a target. Successful kills with a dagger, however, will leave other enemies unaware, allowing dagger users to dispatch entire groups without being detected.While in combat, both types of weapons offer a different flavor. Because of their double-edged design, Faeblades afford a more 360-degree attack style. The Faeblades' charged attack, Twisted Claw, is a dash, inflicting massive damage on a single target and pushing them back a considerable distance. They are also capable of unleashing area-based attacks, making them far stronger against groups of enemies than daggers.

Any players who intend to use Faeblades as a primary or secondary damage source would be wise to invest in Finesse gear, as Faeblades rely heavily on both critical chance and critical multipliers. This can complicate gearing requirements for hybrid builds, particularly earlier in the game, depending on the specific needs of your play style. For instance, players intending to make heavy use of their shield instead of dodging will likely want to balance their Finesse gear with Might armors.

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