Faeblade Mastery
Basic Info
Class Finesse
Prerequisites 5 points in Finesse
Tier 2
Levels 6 (+2)
Type Passive
Diligent practice has granted you mastery over the Faeblades, chief weapon of the Summer Court Fae.


Faeblade Mastery is a Finesse-based ability that allows for the character to have more powerful Faeblade attacks by adding Physical Damage and an overall damage boost to Faeblades.


There are six levels for this ability. Two more levels may be unlocked via ability bonuses.

Level Physical Damage with Faeblades Bonus Damage with Faeblades
1 +2 +5%
2 +3 +10%
3 +4 +15%
4 +5 +20%
5 +6 +25%
6 +7 +30%
7 +8 +35%
8 +9 +40%

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