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Fae at the Mine
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Quest Giver Apule Vire
Location Motus Mining Outpost
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward XP, Gold
Type Side

Fae at the Mine is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Apule Vire dispatched his Scholar, Enser Garrou, hours ago, but has not heard back. Enser is supposed to be looking into problems at Canyon Hill Mine.


  • Look for Enser
    • He is outside mine just outside the outpost.
  • Investigate the Fae
    • Start heading up the hill and Boggart Plaguebearers will make their appearance, Enser will trail closely behind. Head a bit farther and you will be ambushed by Sprites also.
  • Speak with Enser
    • He's beside you, no trouble here.
  • Find Aurenda's Light
    • Jump down the cliff beside her and head west, it's not too far.
  • Return Aurenda's Light
    • Back up the cliff you just jumped off, but ascend the southern side to enter the back entrance called Shadowthorn.  Follow the path to the end and make the last left before a jump cliff. Then make a right towards a door with an Average Dispel ward. After the door opens follow the trail to Aurenda.
  • Return to Enser to complete the quest


  • XP and Gold. both level-based ~2900 & 5050 at level 30
  • Random amulet (infrequent or rare amulet). 

Note: See the Talk page for a list of possible randomised rewards.

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