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Summer Fae

The Fae are a collection of magical creatures that inhabit the Faelands. They range from the bothersome Boggarts to the courts of Winter and Summer to the mighty Trolls. The songs of the House of Ballads only incorporate Fae, the most common being the two courts and Trolls. 

Among the Fae there are two main factions: the Winter Fae, which embody the natural decay of all things; and the Summer Fae, which represent growth and rebirth.


The lesser fae of Brownies, Boggarts and Barghests do not appear to have any type of hierarchy. Some groups of trolls contain Matriarchs which rule over them. The Courts each have their own kings who rule eternally over their people.


The lives of the Fae revolve around nature and are determined by the Great Cycle. The members of both courts don't work like the mortals but they have a function to fulfill as any other such as taking care of the Fountain or being an alchemist. However their role is not considered as a job. They just have to follow their own nature and every time they come back from Esharra, they live again nearly the same way they have lived previously.

The High King is nearly seen as a holy being and rule far from the normal people. The mortals rarely have the privilege to see him.

Three institutions existed before in the West Faelands: the House of Ballads, the House of Valor and the House of the Seasons. The last disappeared long ago for unknowns reasons. Each of these Houses, founded by Ysa the first king, incarnate a particular noble characteristic the Summer fae hold dear:

  • The House of Ballads - Memory and Knowledge
  • The House of Valor: the Courage
  • The House of Seasons: the Understanding of the Great cycle and Harmony.

In the East, the Winter fae had three Houses like their summer cousins: the House of Sorrow, The House of Vengeance and the House of Pride. These Houses represent something as well:

  • The House of Sorrow - The respect for death and decomposition.
  • the House of Pride - The pride of the Winter fae and their most manipulative side.
  • The House of Vengeance - The hate for all being who are not immortal and from the Winter Court.


The Fae as a whole have some understanding of shops and currency, but this is not consistent among the Fae. For example, Florion is clearly aware of human desire of payment, while Squire Brio is shaky on the matter and the Ysa guards refuse bribes by explaining that they have no use for gold coins.



Their beliefs and way of life relies entirely on what they call 'The Great Cycle', and what we may refer to as the cycle of seasons. The Great Cycle is the eternal renewing of nature, and an endless flow of spirits and magic. As beings of pure magic, their 'souls' go back to this cycle, and they are reborn in a Hollow when their time is due. 


Because the souls of the Fae are immortal and they are newly reborn every time they die, they follow a close pattern in their lives, called the Ballads. Each ballad tells the story of the life of the Fae, with one or more specific individuals as a main character. The Fae live by these Ballads, and fullfil them each time they are reborn.

Their knowledge is kept in Lorestones, and isn't written, but is revealed by touch, directly spoken into to 'reader's' mind.

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