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Eye of Amman

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Eye of Amman
Eye of amman
Type Quest Item
Effects +5% Health

Eye of Amman is an Item in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The central part of this strange, glowing amulet is a gem called the Eye of Amman, a magical relic fashioned by the great Fae trickster Amman the Clever. The amulet is said to hold a curse against any who take it from its resting place.


This amulet is given as part of the quest "Unlucky Charm". A highway robber by the name of Gelt Far, found at the upper left corner of the Cradle of Summer, gives you this item due to its curse.


  • +5% HP
  • While cursed, the amulet gives three negative effects:
    • 15% chance to be struck by lightning when striking an enemy
    • 18% chance to be frozen when striking an enemy
    • 20% chance to burst into flames when striking an enemy

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