Essence of Fate
Essence of Fate
Reagent Effect Fate

Essence of Fate is a reagent available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


This strange tangle of glowing blue thread pulses with the pure energies of Fate itself. As such, it can grant incredible power when used as a reagent in potion-making.


Essence of Fate is one of the rarest reagents in the game. It is used to create master Alchemy potions. Its property is Fate.

Consuming an Essence of Fate by itself provides the following effects:

  • +20 to Fate Meter

Methods of obtainingEdit

The most common way of acquiring Essence of Fate is by chance through defeating opponents in Reckoning mode, each kill having a small chance of providing 1-4 Essences of Fate. It can also be acquired in some chests or by harvesting it from the plant of the same name (Usually hidden somehow, whether behind a hidden door or in an area not visible on the minimap).

Particularly difficult monsters also have a chance of possessing lootable Essence of Fate.


Map Locations include:

  • Dalentarth: Southwest corner of Ettinmere, due west of Ballads Oratory, in a small alcove to which you must swim.
  • Plains of Erathell: Far west side of Acatha, west of Gloamthicket, entrance on the south side of the river in the west, behind a waterfall guarded by a Crudok.
  • Detyre: On the road connecting The Hollowlands to Menetyre, in a hidden cave on the south side of the path. Note that the alcove can be seen on the world map, It is to the left of the word "Menteyre".
  • Klurikon: In the Caeled Coast south from Damalroc, in the cave after the bridge.
  • Alabastra: East of Ariad Camp, in a cave on the north side of the road between High Fulgen and Shadow Pass.
Essence of Fate Plant

An Essence of Fate reagent before being plucked.

​Additional InfoEdit

  • When experimenting, Essence of Fate cannot be used at first; it is absent from the experimentation menu until you have reached a certain point in the main story, and have at least a level 5 Alchemy skill (able to use 4 reagents for potion making).
  • It is possible to farm Essence of Fate by resting for 4 24-hour periods in a bed, and then visiting all of its locations to collect it.


You are not required to harvest this reagent x 10 when achieving the trophy "Green Thumb".

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