Esharra Gallows Tree

The Gallows Tree in Esharra


Esharra is the sacred land of the Fae. A plane which sits between two others. The Physical and Magical. It is where all Fae are reborn, and where all Fae go at death.

"Esharra is the birthplace of Summer and Winter, where the Weeping King first pooled anguish and decay inherent in all Winter Fae: Esharra.
It is the plane from which all Fae descend when they are reborn, and to which they go when they die. It is a place of pure magic."

As spoken by Taibreah the reincarnation of the Weeping King.


Esharra cannot be located on a map, the only way for the player to enter Esharra is by being taken there by Taibreah's magic.

"It is both near and far, it will be difficult for a mortal to understand. Esharra is an ethereal plane, another realm of existence. In the Midden, the barrier between this realm and Esharra is weak and we can exploit that."

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