Esha quest
Quest Giver Esha
Location Glowlode Mine
Prerequisite Pride Before a Fall
Next Quest None
Reward Experience
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Esha is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


The survivors of Ashmoor want to escape Glowlode Cavern, but the Alfar won't let them through their front lines. If I can escort and protect the survivors through the cavern to the exit beyond the Alfar armies, they should be able to make it to Shadow Pass.


The quest is part of a group of quests revolving around the survivors of Ashmoor and Eventide. The others are: Bareth, Gask, and Ordo. Dialogue options relating to the other quests can be found in conversations with each quest NPC, and further dialogue is available after completing the related quests.


  • Talk to Esha who is located in Glowlode Mine in a cul-de-sac in the north-east. She asks for help in getting to the west exit.
  • As soon as the quest is accepted several Cave Murghan and a Cave Banshaen spawn in the chambers leading to the Shadow Pass exit.
  • The survivors need to be protected.  During the cinematic "spawning" of the Banshaen, the Fateless One can be stuck in place while the survivors blithly run up to the monsters leaving you to hurry to their side.
  • Once the survivors reach the exit the Fateless One should speak to Esha to end the quest (level-based XP ~4150 at level 39, but no Gold).


  • Once the quest ends Esha and the survivors head for the Tuatha camp by the eastern entrance to Mordus-Torr. If the Tuatha there were not eliminated before starting this quest they will attack the survivors, killing everyone if the Fateless One does not intervene.
    • This also happens when returning to the area after the quest is finished, as the Tuatha continue respawning in the camp.
  • The in-game quest log entry is wrong. Contrary to what the log states Esha asks for protection from Murghan and escort out of the cave, and that is the objective of this quest. The differing log entry is possibly an artifact from a changed design.

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