Erlen Vanik
Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Male
Rank Advisor
Services Trainer

Erlen Vanik is an NPC in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


"The alliance between Fort Olghorn and Gravhal is all the stronger for my presence here. Follow my advice without question, and you will never go astray."

Erlen Vanik is a Varani advisor sent to the Keep when the Fateless One asks Myfa to forge an alliance between Fort Olghorn and Gravehal in the Diplomacy task. He can be found in the main building, occupying the second story hall closest to the art gallery, pacing and making observations either on how island life does not agree with him, or how well things are running now that he's there.



  • Erlen is the second to last supplicant in the Master of the Keep quest series, requesting the Fateless One kill a root golem that is obstructing the path to a popular scavenging location.
  • He does seem to have the best interests of the Keep at heart, though from his dialogue it's clear he was sent to Gravehal to get him out of the way of the politicians back at Olghorn.

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