Eren Calse
Eren Calse
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Female
Location Moon Camp
Faction Travelers
  • Merchant
  • Eren Calse is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    Need to do any trade? I have some items for sale. Or I can buy, if you're looking to fence some items.


    Eren Calse is a Dokkalfar general merchant for the Travelers.

    As a general merchant, Eren sells weaponry, armor, accessories, as well as the following:

    Potions (Consumables) Recipes
    Gems (Misc) Shards (Misc) Misc


    Eren can be found in Moon Camp, within the Tywili Coast.


    Would you care to sell... sorry, I mean buy - would you care to buy something?
    upon your first encounter.
    Irion's a good enough bard, and a clever thief, but he's not quite a leader. Especially with Maire gone.
    when asked about Irion Tal, King of Cups.
    Maire? She's one of the most talented thieves we've got. Can't say we don't miss her skill.
    when asked about Maire, Queen of Cups, before she returns.
    Thank the gods Maire came back. Between you and me, Irion just isn't the same without her.
    when asked about Maire, Queen of Cups, after she returns.
    We're performers at heart in Moon Camp. Bards, jugglers, tumblers, dancers - all performing for the glory of the Hierophant. One of the few way to earn coin with this war on. Bit hard for us to ply... other trades with the soldiers at Dolve Arne breathing down our necks.
    when asked about Moon Camp.
    Common knowledge that the Travelers are known as thieves, but it isn't the only life you have to lead. We've traders, bards, and jugglers as well.
    when asked about the Travelers.
    Always a few odds and ends happening there. Hard to feel like you ain't being watched with the city looming over us. That's why you have to control the show.
    when asked about Rathir
    Come again.

    After completing Thick as Thieves:

    Good to see you. Moon Camp will need all the help it can get, now that the Hierophant has fallen.
    Things have been different since word came that the Hierophant had fallen. Grim Onwig's the leader here, now. Maire and Irion were loyal to the Hierophant. I don't know if they left, or if they were... forced to leave.
    when asked about Moon Camp



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