Ealfwig Grilricas
Ealfwig Grillricas
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Male

Ealfwig Grilricas is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Get away from me, you damned nuisance! I'm Ealfwig Grilricas - I don't need to put up with the likes of you!


Ealfwig Grilricas is an Almain noble that is temporarily resting in Didenhil.

He is part of the quest The Guided Hands.


Found in Three Lamps Inn at Didenhil.


Subject of the Travelers faction quest 'The Guided Hands'. Have to pickpocket him for 'Grilricas' Medallion'.


No Grilricas should ever have to deal with one as base as you! Begone!
upon your first meeting.
Back, back you imbecile! These robes are woven of Canneroc gossamer! You won't touch them!
if you insist.


Doesn't like peasants and/or poor people which he believes the Fateless One is (on first encounter).


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