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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was released with Day 1 Downloadable Content, or DLC.

Pre-Order DLCEdit

Some DLC is Available Only to those who pre-purchased the game. These include:

  • The Fate-Touched Weapons Pack
    • This pack includes a weapon of each type available in the game, each of which increases the XP gained in Reckoning Mode.
  • The Destinies Choice Pack
    • This pack includes the Compass of Fate, the Harbinger Twists of Fate card, and 3 sets of armor.
    • Available only through GameStop and
  • The Ultimate Treasure Hunter Pack
    • This pack includes the Dowsing Rod.
    • Available only through

Promotional DLCEdit

Other DLC is available through certain promotions:

  • Any new copy of the game includes the "EA Online Pass" which unlocks 7 additional quests of the House of Valor faction.
  • Playing the Reckoning Demo unlocks the "Confident" Twists of Fate card, the Infernal Helm, and the Twinned Souls Chakram.
  • Playing the Mass Effect 3 Demo unlocks the Omniblade Daggers inspired by the newly weaponized Omni-Tool.  Note:  Playing Mass Effect 3 prior to playing Kingdom of Amalur will have the same effect.

Purchasable DLCEdit

Finally, there is DLC purchasable from Origin, Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN:


  • The weapon pack items seem to be level-based, their stats and requirements generated when they are acquired.
  • The weapon packs are bugged on the Xbox 360
  • If the Legend of Dead Kel and Teeth of Naros DLC quests fail to activate upon loading the game, fast-travel to Allestar Tower and then walk to Gorhart. There is a trigger point next to the first lorestone for downloadable content that will add both DLC quests to your journal.

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