Disposal Notes
Disposal Notes
In-Game Title Experiment Disposal
Author Fomorous Hugues
Detail A handwritten note next to a furnace in a cave full of copses.
Location On a desk in Allestar Tower

Disposal Notes is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


At the very beginning of the game this scroll can be found by walking straight forward. It will lie on a desk just ahead.


Experiment Disposal

Secrecy is still important in our work, requiring specialized disposal of our unfortunate failures. Piling remains have become a concern in the lower caverns, so an incinerator has been added to deal with the wastes.

This should make disposal work slightly less horrible, although you should avoid drinking water from downstream of the ash dumps. Hardly a fitting rest for the poor things, but if it's any consolation, these weren't their original bodies in the first place.

-Fomorous Hugues



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