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Diseases are a type of effect in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Diseases are negative effects that can be caused by traps and certain varieties of monsters. They often focus on penalizing a defense, skill, or damage type. Thankfully none seem to deal damage over time.

Curing DiseasesEdit

The player can cure a disease by visiting a healer or drinking a Purification Potion. Purification potions can be purchased or crafted through alchemy.

List of Known DiseasesEdit

Disease: Effect(s):
Binder's Lesions
  • -15% Armor</li>
  • Blood Plague
  • -30% Damage Resistance</li>
  • Laz's Kiss
  • -100% Bleeding Resistance</li>
  • Sewer Rot
  • -5 Health Regen per sec</li>
  • Toxic Slurry
  • -50% Bleeding Resistance</li>
  • -50% Poison Resistance</li>
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