Myfa in diplomatic mission discussion
Quest Giver Myfa Rhonwen
Location Gravehal Keep Main Hall
Prerequisite Gravehal Tower
Next Quest None
Reward See Details
Faction Gravehal
Type Faction Quest

Diplomacy is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Myfa Rhonwen assumed the position Gravehal keep envoy. She will visit nearby settlements on our behalf and conduct relations with them. This should bring us more goods, through the use of peace or force.


This is more a task than a quest. Myfa can embark on various diplomatic missions to the three neighbors: The Dverga of Emberdeep, the Varani of Fort Olghorn, and the Ljosalfar of Hrenloc.

The available missions are:

Action: Options: Relations:
  • 1000</li>
  • 2500</li>
  • 5000</li>
  • +1
  • A Little gold (2,000)</li>
  • Some gold (5,000)</li>
  • A Lot of gold (10,000)</li>
  • +1
  • Small Raid</li>
  • Big Raid</li>
  • -1
  • Steal Gold</li>
  • Steal Goods</li>
  • Propaganda*</li>
  • Assassinate*</li>
  • -2
    Make Alliance*
    Declare War*


    The trade action is only available with neutral or positive relations. If successful, it nets the Fateless One items in return for gold, and improves relations. The items are:

    Neighbor: Items:
    Dverga (Emberdeep) Blacksmithing components
    Building Materials
    Varani (Fort Olghorn) Bugs
    Golden Chalices
    Ljosalfar (Hrenloc) Food

    The amount of items received depends on the amount of gold invested:

    Investment: # of Items:
    2000 3-4 items
    5000 6 items
    10000 8-13 items


    The raid action is only available with negative relations. It offers a chance to loot items at the risk of further damaging relations. The items are the same as in trade.


    The spy action is available with any relations. It offers a chance to steal gold or items at the risk of further damaging relations. The items are the same as in trade.

    Furthermore, depending on the relations one of two further actions is available: Propaganda (with positive relations) or Assassination (with negative relations). Both of these aim to improve relations without using gold. The effect of Assassination is enough to end an active War (though relations still remain negative).


    Attempting to enter an Alliance with a neighbor requires at least +4 relation points, however the attempt will most likely be rebuffed. At +9 points the chance is more reasonable.

    Entering an alliance grants a one-time reward, as listed in the table below, as well as occasional gifts, which can be picked up from Myfa. The gifts will be the same items that can be received through trade.

    Gravehal auroch

    A fine addition to the Keep


    Neighbor: Items:
    Dverga an Auroch
    Varani Erlen Vanik joins the Keep
    Ljosalfar Sunhilda Lorelle joins the Keep


    Declaring a war on a neighbor requires a negative relationship (at least -1 point) and is always successful.

    During war raiding parties have to be occasionally pushed back (the quest log will update when this happens) and Myfa will sometimes provide free goods secured during skirmishes. The items are the same as in trade.


    • Once the Fateless One decides on a mission Myfa will depart. She will return in one day.
      • The quest log will update when she's back.
    • The Fateless One should then talk to her to learn the result of the mission.


    • It is best to hold off on sending Myfa on any diplomatic missions before reaching her task in Master of the Keep. Granting her plight (for buying the Rathir noblewoman clothes) will significantly improve her chances in diplomacy.
      Myfa rhonwen fancy

      Myfa's new clothes

    • Sleeping for 6 hours is enough to trigger an update for this quest.
    • The items you will receive on trade are determined at the time you speak to her when she returns (it is not predetermined at the time you sent her away). It is advised to save before talking to her, since it is possible to get different result at each try.

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