Detyre (1)
Basic Info
Located in Southeastern Part of Alfaria
Locations The Red Marches, Alserund, The Hollowlands, Menetyre, and Apotyre.
Caves Tomb of Fyragnos

Detyre is a location in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Detyre is a vast, sun bleached desert with tiered red-rock canyons and mesas framed by mountains.


Detyre has five subregions, namely The Red Marches, Alserund, The Hollowlands, Menetyre, and Apotyre. The Red Marches is a barren, rugged land with the old, ruined town of Galette. It is plagued by a cult known as Belen's Testament, who kill people in honor of their mysterious beliefs.

Alserund is where the Circle of Engard can be found. And the House of Valor can be found at its corner. The Hollowlands are found by the southwestern part of the region. There are multiple caves found this area, including Saltwell Caverns, where Fomorous Hugues can be found later in the game.

Apotyre is another vast area with caves and mines. Sun Camp of the Travelers can be found in its easternmost section. And Motus Mining Headquarters is found in this area as well, a little bit to the west of Sun Camp. The village of Whitestone is found near Motus Mining's Headquarters too.

The great gnomish city of Adessa rests upon its southeastern bluffs. Rich with minerals, the gnomes and other prospectors scour this land for a wealth of natural resources.



Sons of laz




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