Derfel's Labors
Derfels Labors
Quest Giver Derfel
Location Derfel's House
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold + various items
Type Side Quest

Derfel's Labors is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • Talk to Derfel in Derfel's House in the middle of Western Kandrian. He will ask you to perform eight labors:
  • 1. Fetch the Rialte Brocaire: Head north to Lucky Mine, go in and collect the whiskey from the chest inside. Then return back to Derfel for your reward (level-based Gold, but no XP).
  • 2. Deliver a letter to Mattix Dace: Head southeast to Mel Aglir and enter The Raven. Show the letter to Mattix near the back. Return to Derfel for your next labor (you get nothing).
  • 3. Recover Hellbane from Three-Sword's corpse: Head to the northeast of eastern Kandrian, just south of Virki, to find the corpse and collect the sword. Kill off the Tuatha Raiders that appear then return to Derfel (you get nothing).
  • 4. Buy the Bloodstone: Head to the Reedsong Inn in Tirin's Rest. Talk to Kells Cafferty to get the stone. You can persuade him to halve the price (Derfel will have given you 1000 Gold to complete this).
  • 5. Steal the Circlet: Travel to the Scholia Arcana in Rathir's Upper City and into the library. Once there, dispel and pick the lock (both Average difficulty). Unless you're far enough in the faction's questline, this may be considered as theft.
  • 6. Fetch the Rose: The rose is due south, nearby Tam's Wagon. Once you have all three items, return to Derfel (you get nothing).
  • 7. Rebuild the crown: Travel to Onarach, just north of Mel Aglir. Inside, you will find Hendi. Ask for help on reconstructing the band. She will rebuild the crown so you can return to Derfel (you get nothing).
  • 8. Defeat Keurig Shaster: Go outside and approach Derfel. Then you can kill off Keurig. Derfel will tell you about the hidden door in the fireplace where you can go to collect your loot (you get level-based XP for completing the quest and the Gold in his treasure room).


Some notable loot found includes:

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