Dauntless Chausses
Dauntless Chausses Inventory
Durability 48
Armor Rating 104
Rarity Set Piece
Type Chausses
Requirements Might 24
Effects +5% Melee Block Efficacy
+1 to Might Abilities
Dauntless Chausses is an armor piece in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


This ancient armor carries the marks and deeds of Warsworn heroes gone before. Their watchful spirits guide and protect the wearer in battle.


  • +5% Melee Block Efficacy
  • +1 to Might Abilities



  • Dauntless Chausses are believed to scale its stats depending on the level of the player when the Warsworn quest The House of No Doors is completed.[needs in-game verification]
  • The stats shown are the maximum stats possible.

Set BonusesEdit

Warsworn Armor Set provides the following Bonuses:

  • 2 Pieces: +15% Armor
  • 3 Pieces: +20% Physical Resistance
  • 4 Pieces: +15% Elemental Resistance

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