Dark Harbor
Dark harbor
The Requiem, docked in the Dark Harbor
Quest Giver Captain Brattigan
Location Cape Solace (Gallows End)
Prerequisite What Remains
Next Quest Until Death
Reward Experience
Faction None
Type Main Quest

Dark Harbor is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


The leader of Cape Solace, Alder Malloi, knows someone who could help me find Dead Kel. I should speak with Alder to get this information so I can continue my quest to kill the deadly pirate king.


Cape SolaceEdit

Looking for QuayEdit

  • Quay's little tent is located at the border of The Jawbone and Dark Harbor areas, a long way away from Cape Solace. Quay turns out to be a Fateweaver, who's long lost all hope and is merely awaiting his end. He refuses to read the cards, blindingly believing there's no escape.
  • The Fateless One learns of the only ship on Gallows End, The Requiem, manned by Dead Kel and his crew. The Requiem is docked in the Dark Harbor.

The Dark HarborEdit

  • The Harbor is filled with scores of Faer Gorta Captains and Shipmen, and there's an occasional Leanashe or Crudok. Deep into the Harbor the Fateless One is approached by Tari Holstig, who miraculously is neither dead nor mute, as previously assumed.
    • Note: Make sure to save before approaching Tari Holstig the non-enemy on your mini-map.
    • It seems Tari has quite a story himself, and with a successful persuasion check (66% at persuade level 10) the Fateless One can stop him from going down a wrong path which starts the quest Justice Done. If the persuasion check is failed, the quest Justice Done will not become available and instead the quest Price of Freedom, also involving Tari, will become available following the completion of the Main Quest's The Exiles.
  • Regardless, the Fateless One should continue onwards, into the heart of the Dark Harbor.
  • Inside, as Tari already mentioned, the task is to destroy the 4 gears controlling the huge Harbor Wall. There are a couple Faer Gorta of the local variety, but nothing too difficult.
    • A solid hit to the gear and a counterweight drops, raising part of the massive wall.
  • Once all are down it's time to return to Quay. A handful of Faer Gorta try to stop the Fateless One. When that doesn't succeed the true guardian of the Harbor appears - Bloodgrin.
Bloodgrin hammered

Time to have a taste of your own medicine, Bloodgrin!

    • He's a giant hulk of a brute with rather straightforward attacks resembling those of a Jottun. He's periodically joined by a fresh group of Faer Gorta which need to be dealt with fast so as not to give Bloodgrin a chance to attack during the distraction.
  • When Bloodgrin falls Quay comes running, utterly astonished at the Fateless One's success in securing The Requiem and defeating Bloodgrin. Aside from more story background he talks of a spy in Cape Solace, "one with a strong grip on Fate" same as the Fateless One, who wishes to disrupt The Offering.
  • What remains is to take The Requiem and sail back to Cape Solace, and end the quest.


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