Dangerous Games
Dangerous games
Quest Giver Lanus Davril
Location South Tala-Rane
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward Gold
Faction No
Type Task

Dangerous Games is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Lanus Davril has offered to pay me to test his latest research, magical liquids that can be used to track the slaying of beasts. He has given me four vials of clear liquid. One vial will change colors after I kill ten kobolds; the second will change colors after I kill five crudok; the third will change colors after I slay three ettin; and the last will change colors after I kill three of the Jottun.


  • Meet Lanus Davril in southern-most Tala-Rane right before the entrance to The Red Marches
  • Slay ten Kobolds
  • Slay five Crudoks
  • Slay three Ettin
  • Slay three Jottun
  • Return to the mage after killing these beasts to receive a reward in Gold (but no XP)
  • You can continue to kill beasts for Gold even after returning the first 4 Vials


  • Reward upon completion 2676 gold


After the first time you turn in the vials you can accept or deny redoing it.

  • If you accept, you will once again receive the 4 empty vials in your inventory
  • If you deny, the task will remain accepted, but you don't receive the vials. However, once you kill all the necessary Kobolds, Crudok's, etc. you will receive their full vial. This way you will receive a vial in your inventory each time a group kill has been completed. Note that the vials don't actually consume a count in your inventory although they will add to the scrolling.
  • If you accept this quest once, its a good idea to always accept again. If you try to turn in the quest with the full vials you received despite deniying his request, you'll be given the empty vials as you have to accept his quest in order to turn it in. You can choose to hand in the full vials, but in order to turn in the empty vials you received just to turn in the full ones, you will need to accept again which requires you receive a second set of empty vials.



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