Cyf Cadyr
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Male
Location Pride of Pryderi
  • Merchant
  • Cyf Cadyr is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    I've got armor and the wife's got blades. I'd steer clear of her, though. She's in a mood. Always.


    Cyf Cadyr is a Dokkalfar armor merchant and husband to Marisal Cadyr. Together they own the Pride of Pryderi shop, in the city of Rathir.

    As an armor merchant, Cyf sells armor as well as the following components:

    Components (Misc)


    He can always be found tending his shop, the Pride of Pryderi, within Lower City.


    Cyf, Cyf Cadyr at your service. Don't mind the racket, it's just my wife, that harpy across the way.
    upon your first encounter.
    My craft is shields and armor only. The art of it's in the balance. Too heavy and you can't move it. Too thin and it shatters.
    when asked about Blacksmithing.
    First and greatest mistake I ever made. Only thing sharper than her wares is the tongue in her mouth.
    when asked about his wife, Marisal Cadyr.
    Proud is right. And why not? Fitted most of the Alfar Army! No frills, no finery. Just good, hard steel.
    when asked about the Pride of Pryderi.
    Majestic towers, crisp sea air. And I spend my life in here, with that milksop Edar, and my spiteful hag of a wife.
    when asked about Rathir.
    What a mouse. Look at the way he tap-tap-taps at the forge. Scared of his own damn shadow!
    when asked about Edar Odi.
    So long.



    Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning funny Dialog bug00:32

    Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning funny Dialog bug

    • Cyf Cadyr is sometimes known to have glitched audio, resulting in some rather humorous sounding conversations with himself, as this video shows.


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