Cursed Kingdom
Cursed kingdom
Quest Giver The Maid of Windemere
Location Summer's End
Prerequisite Completion of The Champions
Next Quest The Hero and the Maid (Quest)
Reward House of Ballads Shield
Faction House of Ballads
Type Faction

Cursed Kingdom is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Cursed Kingdom is the sixth quest in the House of Ballads questline.


I've entered the heart of the Maid's private kingdom of Windermere and am one step closer to bringing the Court of Enchantments home. Now I just need to find them. The Maid of Windemere is taunting me. The only way to get to her, and to rescue the Court of Enchantments, is to find an entrance to her castle. She mentioned that I should speak with the Chancellor of Windermere to get inside.


As you emerge into Summer's End, you are greeted by the Maid of Windemere once again. An important point she mentions is that the creatures are enchanted and will not attack you on sight, therefore you have a lot of time to explore the area before you really begin the quest (actually for you to attack these creatures you must go into agressive mode and all attacks and kills are considered crimes).

Enter the Chantry after you're done exploring and talk to Sagrell Chancellor of Windemere. After your chat, step outside and use the whistle to reveal the crystals that must be destroyed. You can open the map to see they are in the four corners. They don't stay visible for long so use the whistle when you are close to reveal the crystal for breaking. Beware when they are all broken for the creatures become hostile again and you need to return to Sagrell. He will give you the Bell Tower Key and House of Ballads Shield and be on his way.

Enter the Bell Tower and loot two chests then pull the rope and enter Castle Windemere (XP but no Gold for quest completion - about 6300 at level 26).


House of Ballads Shield


It doesn't matter which of the three dialogue options you choose when speaking with the Maid of Windmere as this quest begins, though the second option angers her. She seems most impressed if the third option is chosen.

While the creatures are not attacking you, it's best to do some reconnaissance and get a close up view on some of the monsters in the game that you have met up to this point.

Found 3 Summer's End Lorestones

You can fast travel to another location from Summer's End, but will have to travel back to Summer's End through Windemere.




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