Coveting Tragedy
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Quest Giver Nesta Gwynedd
Location Gallows End
Prerequisite The Prison Ship
Next Quest None
Reward Crown of the Dverga, Volcanic Glass Ring
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Coveting Tragedy is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


After attacking fellow castaway Nesta Gwynedd, Olaf Asvaldsson has run into the wilds in an attempt to escape justice. Nesta's husband Cadwallon has given chase. I must find them both. They have headed north toward Siren's Den.


Cadwallon's dyingEdit

  • Upon arrival the Fateless One finds Cadwallon wounded and dying. He seems to blame the Fateless One for the events, and says that Olaf has gone into the Den.
  • Inside the Den, the left passage is the shorter route to Olaf, while the right passage leads to some monsters and assorted loot, including a Letter to Nette which explains how Paddy got his key.
  • Once Olaf is dead, the Fateless One should return to Nesta.

Cadwallon's fightingEdit

  • Cadwallon might still be fighting Olaf outside the Den. Olaf can be defeated then and there, without venturing into Siren's Den.
    • This scenario is only possible if the Fateless One runs straight to Siren's Den, ignoring any creatures and items along the way.
    • Exploring Siren's Den is recommended anyway, for some backstory to the quest Gravehal Keep.
  • The Fateless One should then head back to Nesta.


  • Regardless of whether Cadwallon lives or not, Nesta rewards the Fateless One and the quest ends.

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