Corialia Scathe
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Female
Location Mel Senshir
Class Mage
Faction Alfar Military
Services Healer

Corialia Scathe is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


As head surgeon, I support the soldiers of the Alfar armies as best I can. Despite the recent -- and dramatic -- improvements in healing magic, few that make their way to my table survive. As great as our power may be, the power of the Tuatha is all the more destructive.

Corialia Scathe is a member of the Scholia Arcana who studied healing and anatomy. When the war with the Tuatha started, she quickly volunteered to work as a healer in Mel Senshir, and has been there ever since.

She is now the healer and head surgeon of Mel Senshir and she's very proud of herself. She's very enthusiastic and happy person at her job, despite all the death and gore surrounding her.

She has been secretly dissecting and killing off her patients through the years in order to advance her knowledge of anatomy. Matrim Hawkins is her latest victim, and she's put him under a spell that makes him act and sound like a man who's having a complete melt down.

Should the Fateless One face and kill her, then Matrim is freed from her spell and he returns to his senses.

In reality, rumors have been spreading around Mel Senshir about her. According to the gravedigger Caradas Hyne at the Mel Senshir docks, she's responsible for just as many corpses in the ground as the war itself.


The Hospital of Mel Senshir, when the Fateless One goes on and does the quest Malicious Practices she will be found in the basement of the Broken Tower after the siege of Mel Senshir.


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