Cora Banick
Cora Banick
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Female
Location Didenhil
  • Merchant
  • Cora Banick is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    It was my dream to gather all our artisans under one roof, and so I built the Craft Hall. I run it still.


    Cora Banick owns and operates the Crafting Hall using it to control Didenhil's trading and mercantile businesses. She also appears to have a deep seated dislike of Luminitsa.


    Cora is a General Merchant. She sells the following goods:


    Weapons Cost Damage Durability
    Diviner's Sceptre of Voracity 8785 21 22
    Crackling Faeblades of Skill 8243 38 22
    Booming Staff of the Soothsayer 5477 39 22
    Booming Chakrams of the Soothsayer 5353 41 22
    Burning Daggers of Prophecy 4515 32 22
    Burning Longbow of Puncturing 4305 40 22
    Charged Longsword of Puncturing 4138 38 22
    Elm Longbow 2305 26 22
    Smoldering Longsword 2036 31 22
    Squire's Staff 1812 34 22
    Sceptre of the Squall 1768 19 22


    Apparel Cost Armor Durability
    Apprentice's Robes of the Soothsayer 5486 53 17
    Hardened Shoes of the Hale 3991 20 17
    Warrior's Gauntlets of Conservation 2952 21 24
    Bronze Talisman 537 18 17


    Accessories Cost Effect
    Amulet of Dismantling 3237 +3% Physical Damage
    Diviner's Necklace 2277 +10% Mana

    Consumables (Potions)Edit

    Potion Cost Potion Cost
    Minor Mana Regen Potion x 22 497 Minor Healing Potion x 10 188
    Minor Magic Amplification x 4 497 Minor Health Regen Potion x 22 188
    Minor Mana Potion x 10 188 Minor Warrior's Strength x 6 188
    Minor Hardened Shell x 2 188

    Consumables (Reagents)Edit

    Reagent Cost Reagent Cost
    Embereyes x 8 40 Black Cohosh x 8 40
    Softscrabble Powder x 8 40

    Consumables (Alchemical Recipes)Edit

    Recipe Cost Recipe Cost
    Minor Mana Potion 1017 Minor Healing Potion 1017
    Minor Blacksmith's Craft 1017 Minor Assassin's Evasion 1017


    Cora can be found in the Crafting Hall in Didenhil.


    Welcome to our famed Craft Hall. If you've come to buy, you may speak with Olin or myself.
    We're known all throughout Dalentarth. The best artisans, all under one roof.
    when asked about the Craft Hall.
    A village like Didenhil needs a man like Kaster to watch over it. I know I feel safer now that he's our warden.
    when asked about Kester Barclay.
    He handles the sale of weapons and arms. I let him after I gave myself a bad cut once.
    when asked about Olin Risberg.
    Ugh! I prefer not to speak of that - that spiteful witch across the lake.
    when asked about Luminitsa.
    Our doors are always open.



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