Combat Training
Combat pit clear
Quest Giver Ollie Madsen
Location Gravehal Keep
Prerequisite Gravehal Armory
Next Quest None
Reward See Rewards
Faction Gravehal
Type Faction Quest

Combat Training is a quest available in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


Ollie Madsen is the new master-at-arms of Gravehal keep. When I wish to test my combat training I should go and speak to Ollie. He can find some beasts to train against.


Ollie Madsen offers timed battles against several kinds of beasts. He will compare the Fateless One's time against his records, and if the Fateless One is faster Ollie will have a reward waiting.

Ollie offers a selection of Small and Large beasts. A list of available monsters and details of the fights can be found below:

Small Beasts
Kind Number Record
Rat 4 25 sec
Brownie 5 28 sec
Boggart 5 30 sec
Spider 4 36 sec
Large Beasts
Kind Number Record
Bear 2 35 sec
Wolf 4 38 sec
Barghest 3 40 sec
Root Golem* 1 60 sec


  • The Fateless One should choose a preferred size and type of beast, then proceed into the Pit.
  • Once all beasts are down Ollie will announce the time taken and current standing record.


  • Each fight is rewarded with a level-based sum of gold.
  • Ollie also gives a special reward for a set number of records held:
# of Records Reward
1 Dverga Ornamental Chain
3 Dvergan Emerald
5 Dvergan Swords
7 Trencher
8 The Crafted Sun


  • The fights can be repeated after setting a new record, but the Gold reward will be halved.
  • The monsters give regular exp and drop random loot.
  • After beating 5 records, the next time the Fateless One wishes to train Ollie will comment that the Fateless One's combat skills are "quite superb".
  • This quest is really a task, and is always active.
  • The Root Golem can be unlocked after finishing The Exiles.

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