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Colm Bardan
Basic Info
Race Ljosalfar
Gender Male
Location Glasspillar Caves
Services Healer

Colm Bardan is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


I'm so sorry to have led you into that trap. I had no choice; they threatened to torture me!



Held captive in Glasspillar Caves.  He is the unwilling bait in a trap for the Fateless One - or whoever comes to rescue him - but the enemies that ambush you aren't terribly strong.



  • Colm is terribly wounded, and will ask for a 'powerful healing potion' to make it back to camp.  However, if you pass a persuasion check with him, you can lie and say you don't have any on you.
  • While you're there, if you've already been given the quest Bolgan Bane by the Knave of Pride, it's worth heading back into Glasspillar to take care of the Bolgan Master camped in a different branch of the cave.
  • Once back at Camp Moondown, Colm will offer healing services.



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