Classic Misdirection
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Quest Giver Argine
Location Sun Camp
Prerequisite Outside the Box
Next Quest The Purloined Letters
Faction Travelers
Type Faction Quest

Classic Misdirection is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.



  • Talk to Argine in Sun Camp, as usual, she will redirect you to the Hierophant shrine.
  • The Hierophant will tell you that Maun Cointaker is going to be executed and that you should get a key from him to get to his treasure.
  • Talk to Maun in Convict's Cavern just north of Sun Camp. He will give you the key, and will tell you that the hoard is in Snaketail Grotto, but will also tell you that several bandit clans are fighting over the hoard.
  • Kill everyone involved (or wait until they thin themselves out), build up the three-part key and go through the final door. You can skip the piles, they contain nothing (litterally), just go to the chest where you will learn that Maun didn't have a hoard (fromMaun's Note).
  • Head back toward the entrance and you'll find Grim Onwig again.  Talk to him to end this quest (No XP nor Gold, but he will give you ten(10) special Shadow Prisms called Grim's Special).  If you talk to him further he will start the next quest, The Purloined Letters : He'll ask your help in stealing the Missives of Sable from the gnomes.


Some notable loot found includes:



There is a known bug that exists on all platforms in which the player does not have the option to speak to Maun Cointaker. As of yet, there are no known fixes for this issue.

Cause: the guy is stuck to the side and not close enough to the gate

Solution: return to a previous save or come back later in the game, eventually (since you might have to return a few times) the guy will stand in a different spot and you'll be able to talk to him and get the key.



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