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The fateless one destiny card.

Like most RPG's Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning utilizes a basic three class system which one can choose to base their character around. These three class trees are: Finesse, Sorcery, and Might. The character chooses one main destiny card after escaping Allestar Tower which will affect how they build their character throughout the game. What sets KOA apart from most other RPG's is that as the game progresses and you gain more experience and levels you can start to intertwine your skill trees together thus opening the door to various class combinations. The three skill trees in the game will allow you to make three basic types of characters and later allow you to use abilities from a combination of skill trees to make custom Class Characters.

Warriors are strength based characters following the skill tree of Might. They rely on brute strength, heavy armor, and high defense to vanquish their enemies in battle. The Warriors weapons of choice are the Greatsword, the Longsword, and the Warhammer. They also rely on their skills in the Might skill tree to augment their abilities in battle. Might is the skill tree that one would invest in if they wanted to make a Warrior type character. Might skills focus on increasing the strength and defense of the warrior, increasing their weapon proficiency with Greatswords, Longswords, and Warhammers, and gives you abilities to do extreme damage to your enemies with brute force.

Mages are spellcasters who fight primarily from a distance with a combination of magic and magical weaponry. Mages use a combination of spells to take on their enemies without putting themselves on the frontline or too much in the way of danger. Mages rely on weapons that strike from a distance and primarily that are magical in origin such as Staves, Sceptres, and Chakrams. Mages derive most of their spells and abilities from the Sorcery abilities. Sorcery is the skill tree that a player would invest in if they wanted to make a Mage type character. Sorcery skills focus primarily on different levels of spells that either damage enemies with the various elements, heal or boost the characters health, mana, or stats, or summons a being to fight alongside the mage. Mage skills also increase their proficiency with the Chakram, Sceptre, and Staff weapons.

Rogues are fighters who rely on stealth and lightning quick attacks to take out their opponents before they even realize that they're under attack. Rogues rely on quick attacking weapons such as Daggers, Faeblades, and Longbows. Rogues use the stealth skill to sneak up on their opponents and kill them quickly and without being detected to maximizie their killing potential without being attacked. Rogues derive their skills from the Finesse abilities. Finesse is the skill tree that players invest in if hoping to make a Rogue based character. Finesse skills focus primarily on improving the skills of the Rogue with its primary weapons, making traps for the rogue to lay and damage their opponents, boost the stats of the rogue, using bombs to stun, blind, and poison opponents, and to resist and use various poisons.

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