Championship Match
Ex champion
Quest Giver Jakin Madsen
Prerequisite Meeting with Magnus
Next Quest None
Reward Twist of Fate - Undisputed Champion, a key to the house, and Gentleman's Favor
Faction House of Valor
Type Faction

Championship Match is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Championship Match is the last mission in the DLC for the House of Valor faction quests. This is the final battle against Tyr Magnus. All of his party are extra toughened, so you will need to use your decoy (partner) to lure enemies while you whittle them down, or melee smash 'em.


Talk to Jakin Madsen to tell him you're prepared for the match.  He will send you down into the pit where you can talk to your opponents before selecting a partner.  Once you've done so, head into the Arena.

Remember that you are outnumbered, so do your best to even the odds by taking an enemy out of the fight.  Even when an enemy is severely injured, they will continue to attack at full strength.  Knock out the enemies one by one, and you will fare better.  You will probably want to do some damage to your opponents before entering reckoning mode (at the very least to Tyr Magnus).  It is difficult, but not impossible at the higher levels(30-40), to do enough damage to all your opponents in time.

Once the battle is over, speak to Jakin Madsen outside.  He will end this quest and give you your reward (XP and Gold, both level-based ~4600 and 15150 at level 36, and the Twist of Fate - Undisputed Champion, the key to Champion's Manor, and the greatsword Gentleman's Favor).  He will also send you to talk to Jokull Fangard at the top of the stairs who will collect money from the Arena for you.  You can continue to fight battles from the Arena Battle Board, but this quest line is at an end.


Some notable loot found includes:


  • With a Master Experience Booster potion and hitting all enemies with reckoning +100% (took 1 Meteor and a final Elemental rage to take out everyone as a mage), it is possible to net around 51k XP.
  • In the Pit, along with your allies, you will find the Lords of Valor (your opponents), Tyr Magnus between them. Talking to him will trigger some trash talk between the two of you, and a dialogue wheel with two options will be presented at the end of the conversation. If Breaking The Siege was completed prior to this quest, a third option (the middle one) will be available.


  • After completion of this quest, you might not be able to speak with Freya Apullos anymore. [PC, 360]


(No achievements are earned by completing this quest)


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