Cassera's Journal
Author Cassera Vonn
Detail The journal of Cassera Vonn, an initiate of the Scholia Arcana that fled the Ysa Chapter House.
Location On Cassera Vonn's body southwest of Ysa near a pile of rocks.
Preceded By Bertran's Journal

Cassera's Journal is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


In the quest Order of Operations Cassera Vonn, Bertran Nest, and Aloren fled from the Scholia Arcana after trying to steal Quintis' gem. Quintis sends you to look for them for they might be in danger. You find Cassera just outside Ysa laying dead.


The plan's laid out. Aloren and Bertran are on board. All we have to do is wait until nightfall, and then we'll make off with Quintis' gem.

Should be a simple matter of waiting for the gnome to go to sleep, dispelling the chest and getting the gem. Then, it's off to the west. Fence the gem, split the gold and we'll live like kings.


  • Cassera's Journal, along with Aloren's Journal and Bertran's Journal are items that once obtained, cannot be stored in your stash. The only way to dispose them is by selling the items.

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