Canneroc Gossamer
Canneroc Gossamer
Rarity Common
Type Miscellaneous
Effects None

Canneroc Gossamer is an Item in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Spider Silk from the Webwood in Dalentarth. It is prized in the making of fine clothes, and a valuable commodity.

How to obtainEdit

You can acquire this item on completion of the quest The Widow's Wrath.

More is delivered to your house regularly.


  • Should you choose to fight The Widow, you will get this item (x2) as a reward.
  • Also deposited into your home of Gossamer End by the door over time.
  • You cannot use it as support component for blacksmithing, but you can sell it.

Canneroc Gossamer sells for:

  • At Mercantile Skill 1: 488
  • At Mercantile Skill 2: 512
  • At Mercantile Skill 3: 572
  • At Mercantile Skill 4: 632
  • At Mercantile Skill 5: 692
  • At Mercantile Skill 6: 753
  • At Mercantile Skill 7: 813 
  • At Mercantile Skill 8: 873
  • At Mercantile Skill 9: 933
  • At Mercantile Skill 10: 993

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