Canneroc Gossamer
Canneroc Gossamer
Rarity Common
Type Miscellaneous
Effects None

Canneroc Gossamer is an Item in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Spider Silk from the Webwood in Dalentarth. It is prized in the making of fine clothes, and a valuable commodity.


Canneroc Gossamer is given to the Fateless One as a reward for completing the quest The Widow's Wrath.

Acquistion Edit

Canneroc Gossamar is regularly delivered to the Fateless One's residence in Canneroc, Gossamer End.


  • Canneroc Gossamer does not serve any purpose other than as a commodity to be sold. The selling price of Canneroc Gossamer is as follows:
    • Mercantile Skill 1: 488g
    • Mercantile Skill 2: 512g
    • Mercantile Skill 3: 572g
    • Mercantile Skill 4: 632g
    • Mercantile Skill 5: 692g
    • Mercantile Skill 6: 753g
    • Mercantile Skill 7: 813g 
    • Mercantile Skill 8: 873g
    • Mercantile Skill 9: 933g
    • Mercantile Skill 10: 993g