Buried Alive
Buried Alive Quest Screenshot
Quest Giver Ommer Vogard
Location NE of eastern Forsaken Plain
Prerequisite None
Next Quest None
Reward infrequent longbow
Faction None
Type Side Quest

Buried Alive is a quest available in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Ommer Vogard in the north-east of the eastern Forsaken Plain asks the Fateless One to search for his beloved Lyra in Orieator's Tomb.


  • Orieator's Tomb is located to the North. Once in there the path is linear with a few traps on the way.
  • Lyra and a few others can be found at the end of the corridor. They are prevented from leaving by a trap that summons Faer Gorta. The Fateless One is asked to disable the trap.
  • Several Faer Gorta will attack when the Fateless One starts crossing the room in which Lyra is trapped.
  • The lever to disable the trap is located in the first room of the Tomb.
  • The reward can be collected from Ommer Vogard (level-dependant XP and a random longbow, but no Gold).


You may be able to disable the traps at the trap lever before going to talk to Lyra. If so return and toggle it twice to complete the quest.

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