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For the item in The Legend of Dead Kel, see Bugs (item)


  • Sometimes after going into Reckoning Mode, the screen starts shaking usually every 15 – 20 seconds. On the PS3, your right hand will illuminate as if you're still in Reckoning Mode and every so often the screen will shake. Using the Reckoning ability once more will remove this problem at a possible loss of experience multipliers attained.
  • When entering Reckoning Mode, if a cutscene takes place during the battle, you will be thrown out of reckoning mode and anybody you killed will now be unlootable. On the Xbox, (A) will appear over the enemies, but nothing will happen. (360 tested, PS3 unconfirmed)
  • After extended play, activating objects or entering doors etc. requires an extensive press of the (A) button. Compared to new game on a different Xbox and the difference was about 1/2-1 second.
  • With the teleport ability unlocked, when trying to teleport into swimmable water, the PC will become stuck in place and can only free themselves by teleporting back out of the water.
    • If the PC enters the swimming animation, then there is no way to free yourself unless you fast travel or reload an old save. This is particularly problematic if you are in a cave, or somewhere that you cannot fast travel from.
  • The item "Basic Infected Rivets" appear to be bugged, as they list 2 lots of +5% poison damage, which when compared to Greater Infected Rivets that only give +11%, must be a mistake.
  • When randomly switching between weapons that go on your back and on your hip may be switched, for example a greatsword on your hip.
  • Some Quest items, once they are no longer necessary and can be sold, can get stuck in your inventory if you place it in a stash and take it back out. One example is the House of Ballads Armor Set.
  • When attempting to speak to an NPC right before they enter another map (entering a building, for instance), your character will get stuck as if it is waiting for the NPC to turn to talk to them, which is often the case when you speak to an NPC. The NPC will not return and you will be unable to do anything. The only way out of this seems to be closing the game through the task manager or pressing ALT-F4 (PC).
  • After extended play, the character may experience periodically freezing while running. This will continue to happen each 5 to 10 seconds and will never stop. The only known workaround is to load a previous save before this behavior started to affect the character or to start a new game.
  • Inside Hurvar's Doorsil, there is a reagrent near a wall with a mine trap in front of it. On the side of the reagrent is a small space. Deactivating the trap while rolling through the small place will cause you to get stuck in that space. Getting out of it will take 15-30 minutes and not the best solution to fix this bug. Do not wait for the autosave. If you encounter this problem, load the previous save, quickly.


  • When doing the two Vorm Lodge quests, the person you're supposed to talk to can get teleported to an inaccessible area, making two quests uncompletable. The only way to get him back, is to attack his brother/sister, but then the quests will fail anyway. To avoid this, save before accepting the quests and do them right away. Also, don't steal anything from the lodge as this may trigger the bug.
  • When doing the quest Her Righteous Fury the game may glitch and not allow you to Fast Travel any more. Also quest itself glitches making it uncompleatable. See the bugs section on that article.
  • During An Offering and The Exiles, the NPC you bring along may simply stand in one place, neither assisting in combat nor running while escaping the cave-in. This leads to them being trapped after you escape the cave-in, and leaving you unable to complete the mission. You can't fast-travel out of the area, and your companion is stuck behind several tons of immovable stone. Hope you saved before entering!
  • During The Mystic Hammer quest, if you leave the Hall of the Firstsworn before the completion of the quest, you will be unable to continue the quest and the game will subsequently crash repetitively before your save file becomes corrupt.
  • During the Jailbreak quest, if you chose to steal the Missives of Sable to free Grimm, after you pick up the book the game will auto save, you will turn around to head back to near the entrance, but the gate will not open. It will indicate that a nearby lever should be used, but the lever does not turn white and is not selectable. There are no other exits. If you saved the game manually while on the other side of the gate (the side with the book), you will be effectively trapped in Ohn's Stand.
  • Sometimes the Banshaen Priestess from Learning Curve may disappear during battle, in effect making you unable to complete the quest, as the Priestess will not respawn once engaged and dematerialized. Saving prematurely is advised.
  • If a quest item is supposed to be dropped by an enemy, killing the enemy and missing to loot his corpse or the related loot bag, will result in the item to disappear after a while and the quest to become impossible to accomplish. Obviously, this won't ever happen to those who follow the quests one by one, but more likely to those who have the map full of white circles. That's why it's advisable not to trigger too many quests and leave them for later. Examples: In Witch Knight of Ghennig if you kill the Jottun Runelord and miss to loot his body for the key of the cage, after a while it will disappear, breaking the quest. In The Lady's Children if you don't take the doll dropped by a tuatha outside Castle Ansilla before the corpse (or bag) expires, it is gone for good.
  • During the Rivener Tarsus quest if you break down the staffs before you collect all three, it will not let you complete the quest. Do not break them down before prompted by the game.
  • Occasionally it has been reported that upon leaving Cloudcrest, the ground tremors (supposedly from mining operations) has continued throughout the game.
  • Lost Arts it has been reported that no matter what you have collected, Themistoklea will not acknowledge it.

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