Brun the Bard
Basic Info
Race Dokkalfar
Gender Male
Class Merchant
Services Merchant
Quest giver

Brun the Bard is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Brun was the name given to me by my mother, a lovely daughter of the full moon, her skin like the glow of Alabastra. Long ago, I was the court bard of Castle Gastyr, the teller of tales, the spinner of stories. But when the bolgan invaded... Well, they had no need of my expertise.


Brun the Bard can be found in Odi's Camp in northern Caeled Coast.


Brun the Bard (Quest)


Brun is a general merchant and provides weaponry, armor, accessories, as well as the following goods:

Recipes (Misc) Gems (Misc)
  • Gem of Ferocity
  • Outlaw's Gem
  • Gem of Frost
  • Gem or Debilitating Retribution


We are linked, you and I. You know what I am, who I am. That is a knowledge that cannot be forgotten.
The wonderful gentlemen and ladies of the Alfar armies have been kind enough to act as my loyal escorts, all the way from Mel Senshir, and before that, Erathell. Without these good, hearty folk I would never had survived. The voyage across the sea would have been enough to sink my spirits.
when asked about the Alfar Military.
She may be the only one truly worthy of the Gastyr name, superior to her father in every way. I remember Hill. She and I used to play together in the courtyard. I try not to think of her as a sister. It makes matters all the more... confusing.
when asked about Hillared Gastyr.



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