Brother Padric's Travel Notes
Brother Padric's Travel Notes Inventory Card
In-Game Title Brother Padric's Travel Notes
Author Brother Padric
Detail Brother Padric's Travel Notes containing an account of his time in Splitrock Depths.
Location Cliff of Splitrock Depths overlooking Haxhi

Brother Padric's Travel Notes is a book/scroll in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


In the quest Band of Brother Monks you are sent to Splitrock Depths to search for Brother Padric by Brother Holt. Upon entering Splitrock Depths continue until you reach an exit back to Haxhi. You will be on a cliff with Brother Padric's dead body containing the book to your right.


Brother Padric's Travel Notes

Day 8... Splitrock Depths feels like a winding maze as I travel deeper into the cave. I have been attacked a few times already, but was able to narrowly escape.

Day 16... I feel that I am closer to finding the hidden exit. I terribly miss my companions from St. Eadric's and wonder if I made the right choice doing this.

Day 81... I am cold, and beginning to run low on supplies. I will not return until I have found the treasure I seek... I will show Brother Holt he can be proud of me... that my search was not in vain. I will make all the monks so proud....


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