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Brother Gamian
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Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Male
Location St. Hadwyn's Mission
Faction Order of Mitharu
Services Merchant

Brother Gamian is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


Behold our unassuming Mission. Pure and simple as the very first waters! Brother Ansel and I devote our hours to shards and gems, while the others tend garden and shrine. All of us pray upon our beads.


Brother Gamian is a follower of Mitharu. He lives as a monk at St. Hadwyn's Mission in Glendara.


What brings you to our humble Mission? You have heard of our remarkable shards and gems, perhaps? Are you a follower of Mitharu, here to worship?
Ah, a follower of the great Order of the World. You are of course welcome to our humble mission, and all of Mitharu's homes.

— if you lie to him, succeding in persuasion attempt.

You may yet see the truth and right of Mitharu's way. Until then, you are a welcome visitor.

— if you tell him that you worship another god.

Is it true? Brother Fallon died upon the road? Mitharu, by your clouded tears, save us!
Our brother's death is a hard lesson. I must meditate to see beyond the sorrow, as does Brother Udo.

— when asked about Brother Fallon.

He is a man of few words, but he is gifted at the Sagecrafter's table.

— when asked about Brother Ansel.

It is a beautiful lesson in the ways of Mitharu. Each gem carries within in his influence. Untouched, you can see the Light of Peace working in a perfect symphony. A shard is but one raw image if this perfection - refined by our imperfect hands.

— when asked about sagecrafting.


When you first meet Brother Gamian, he asks if you worship Mitharu. You can lie to him and say you do (95% success with Persuasion 3), or you can say you don't, the third option is "I follow my own path"

You can buy shards and gems from him regardless of your answer, and his prices are no lower if he thinks you're a worshipper. If you lie to him, he says you'll be welcome in all of Mitharu's homes, so maybe this affects other NPC's reaction towards you (unconfirmed).


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