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Brother Egan
Brother Egan
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Male
  • Odarath
  • Waterhall Down
  • St. Odwig's Mission
  • Class Warrior
    Faction Order of Mitharu
    Rank Brother

    Brother Egan is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


    I am new to the Faelands. Until I joined the mission, I'd never even left my home village. That's why I volunteered, I wanted to see the world. I want to visit the Gardens of Ysa, to meet gnomes and Alfar, to live. The Order of Mitharu was a good way to leave home, but I want so much more.


    Little is known of Brother Egan's past before he joined the mission to the Faelands, save that before he joined he had never even left his home village. He admits that he only joined the mission as an excuse to go off on an adventure and see the world. Not too long after his arrival in the Faelands, he runs away from St. Odwig's Mission and is tricked by two con artists claiming to be Fae. They also claimed that if he retreived a heavily guarded artifact for him known as the Selkie Veil, they would grant him magical powers which he could use to become a great sorceror. After he is rescued by the Fateless One he returns to the mission in Gorhart attempting to rededicate his life to the service of Mitharu, all ambitions of power and adventure expunged from his spirit.

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