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Britt Hagni
Britt Hagni
Basic Info
Race Varani
Gender Male
Location Hagni Home

Britt Hagni is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


There is very little of interest to know about me. I am a simple scholar. I am here for the serenity, the quiet.


Britt Hagni is a Varani settled in the village of Emaire.


He can usually be located in Hagni Home, but sometimes he spends some time at the Blue Bear Tavern.



Please, it's rude to interrupt someone while they're deep in thought.

— upon your fist encounter.

They are poor creatures. I pity them, as should you.

— when asked about the Refugees.

It is a fine place, very welcoming to those who make the proper arrangements.

— when asked about Emaire.


  • There's a letter related to Britt "Notice of Forfeiture", which tells some of this NPC's past.
  • If the player attempts to pick Britt's pocket, they will notice three rings: Azo's Wish, Azo's Wealth, and Azo's Wisdom. Their original owner was probably the same Azo mentioned in "Notice of Forfeiture".


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