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For special types of Boggarts, please visit their individual pages below


Boggarts are woodland creatures, seen more often early in the game than later. They are rather weak and often travel in small groups of 3 to 5. They are shock element creatures and are very susceptible to fire attacks.


  • Average HP:
  • Strength: Resists lightning (all Boggarts), immune to bleeding (all Boggarts), resists poison (only Plaguebearers)
  • Weakness: Fire (all Boggarts)
  • Attacks: Claw Slash;
  • Location: Dalentarth / Odarath
  • Difficulty: Very Easy


Boggart at shirne

Boggart entranced by a shrine of Ethene

  • It seems that Boggarts are either religious, or drawn to shrines around Amalur. They can sometimes be seen standing close to a shrine and swaying back and forth with their arms held up and muttering what sounds like chanting.
  • While Boggarts are merely a nuisance they can become quite troublesome when fighting alongside a Thresh being able to interrupt combos or stun the Fateless One enough for the Thresh to attack or recover and fallback.

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