Bloody Bones
Basic Info
Race Summer Fae
Gender Male
Location Uduath
Class Mage
Faction House of Ballads

Bloody Bones is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


What concerns me is power. The power to end this pitiful design. In every song, the Summer champion triumphs, his enemy falls. How long has this been the way of the Telling? This existence! It is not a life. It is not a death. It is a snare in which I have struggled for centuries. No more!


Bloody Bones is a Summer Fae encountered during the House of Ballads questline.

Bloody is fated to die at the hands of Sir Farrara and Sir Sagrell for abducting a young maiden. One day he is visited by a strange woman (most likely the Maid of Windemere), who shows him a way to escape his role in the Telling by upsetting the story. Resenting the endless and lonely cycle of defeat he is trapped in, Bloody Bones takes her advice and when the time comes again to kidnap a maiden, instead he will take hostage a number of farmers of both genders, holding them in separate rooms of his hollow.


The Ballad of Bloody BonesEdit

"It is a ballad of obsession and sacrifice, one of the Summer's oldest. Bloody Bones was not always as a terror. No. He was once called Famor, a counselor to Ysa himself. Sadly, he was driven by lust, and by his need to possess whatever he desired. Taking Lord Ysa's lover, he fled with her to his hollow of Uduath. When the maiden was rescued, Ysa cursed Famor. He could not die, and his soul would never enter the Great Cycle. He became an abomination known only as Bloody Bones. Every few seasons, Bloody would emerge and steal away a maiden to make his bride. That is, until he took the beloved of Sir Farrara..."


So, the witch was right. Help has come to Sir Farrara the Fair, who flounders in the puddles of Uduath. Such a champion should never lose his way. Not in his own song. You, new knight. Leave now, forsaking the last prisioners, and I will share with you my knowledge. How I came to change things. Stay, and you'll have nothing but corpses.
They are safe. But while mortals have no cares, they also have no time. I can keep them here in Uduath as long as I wish. Until they are but dust.
when asked about the almain prisioners.
That's true. My intent was never to do harm. All I want... all I have ever wanted was love. Not to be alone in my eternal grief. Fine. The prisioners are free to go. But you shall take their place. You shall be Bloody Bones' new desire.
if succeeded in persuasion attempt.
You are wiser than your predecessor. The former Sir Sagrell was an imbecile and a fop. This is what I know. A woman approached me. A Winter Fae. In her possession she had many ballads. Among them was our story. Farrara; and somehow she had changed it. She gave it to me, as a gift. In return, she asked for my allegiance. But, you know me. My story is one of treachery, as you shall now witness. Come languish with me in eternity.
if you choose not to save the prisioners.
Some things never change with your lot. Lazy, loud, and obsessed with your own reflection. This isn't about my prisioners. This is about clinging to the past. Your prisioners will be set free, but will they survive long enough to escape?
if you choose to fight for the prisioners.


Before to became famous as Bloody Bones, his real name was Famor and was a knight ot the House of Ballads.


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